Recycle Cotton Program


Organic Cotton, when not rain fed, is a very thirsty crop. It takes already 2,700Liter of water to make one T-shirt. And with water being one of the biggest problems we are facing in the coming 30 years, we have put the focus on lowering our footprint together with our partner brands by investing time in the search and development of high quality recycle cotton fabrics. In the future we are also looking at the possibilities to work with other high-quality recycle materials like hemp, bamboo and silk, but for this research from out part still needs to be done.

We are now happy to announce that we have found a quality that is of high standards and are now inviting brands to join us in this project and make the change from 100% (organic) cotton to 70% virgin organic and fair-trade cotton and 30% recycle cotton.


We produce on demand for the high-end and mid-market.


Greige fabric 1000m, can be divided in ¾ colors. Greige fabric can be split in 2 seasons.


Greige fabric 300m, can be divided in 2 colors.


Ethical Nomads production are always with certified partners. Together with our partner manufacturer based in India and Portugal, we have GOTS certification, FLO-CERT fairtrade certification, GRS 4.0 certification.