Ethical Nomads is a private-label studio with the mission and vision to empower people and the planet.

Developing a collection and making garments will always have, in one way or another, an impact on the planet and its people. But what if your garment could also be a part of the solution? We at Ethical Nomads believe this is possible! And that this can be done from the start, by how you choose to design, develop and produce your garments.


At Ethical Nomads we offer services that enhance and simplify an eco-friendly and fair garment production. Working as eco-friendly as possible, without causing unnecessary harm to the environment.

We do this by producing only with eco, sustainable and leftover fabrics, and by collaborating with certificated manufacturers that are working toward a better industry by implementing and offering sustainable solutions.

In the end, producing in an ethical way is a journey that we take together with our clients and the different people throughout the supply chain that make it possible. Together we can all support and empower a more environmentally friendly and fair industry.